Week of Lunches & Walks in Central Park

Monday’s Lunch: Valentina has grown to love Spinach wraps this ones is made with prosciutto and mozzarella, I had not added yogurt in her lunch for a little while and she loved it! Ate it first.
Valentina had a Jaw-some Tuesday! 🦈
Hump Day called for left over pizza πŸ• for lunch.
Thursday I made Valentina an egg sandwich packed with apples 🍏, strawberries πŸ“, carrots πŸ₯• and @jojoschocolatebark yummy πŸ˜‹ chocolate.
On Friday I wanted to include this pretty lunch note because I think its so important to always remind our children that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. πŸ’œ

Pack in the lunchbox are crackers, prosciutto, cheese, fruits, veggies and cookies.

I totally forgot to pack a Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday – mostly because I had a hectic work week. I’ll make two Thanksgiving themed lunches next week to make up for it.

As a New Yorker I have always enjoyed walking, I try to avoid taking the subway whenever possible. I have yet to ride the subway since the Pandemic started in March. Walking has become OUR thing as a family. Just helps us clear our minds, have lots of random conversation and frankly get OFF the couch!

Living in New York City back or front yards are very uncommon, Central Park is basically our backyard. you can read more about the park here. There is so much history in the park is just fascinating!

Do you guys enjoy walks? What are some of your local parks that you recommend?

“Most of the items used to pack our lunches are on my amazon affiliate store. Follow our YouTube channel to watch how you can create them as well!”

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